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Teleassistance PEACE OF MIND 

Red Cross home basic teleassistance is a service that promotes autonomy to enjoy the things really matter in life, providing peace of mind and safety both the person who uses it, and to relatives and close people.



Advance home teleassistance offers also key custody service, unit mobile and other safety devices.
Mobile teleassistance brings safety and peace of mind, with the push of a button, in and out your home.
A self-care service that promotes autonomy throuth monitoring  the heath  and safety by proactively detecting situations of danger that may happen at home.
A supports and help service for relatives and caregivers of persons cognitive impairment.
                  Así nos sienten
  • Salvador Garmendia
    Volunteer teleassistance
    Nuestra Gente I am a volunteer, but sometimes I feel a family member rating: even got to celebrate Christmas with one of them. The brush makes the love
  • María del Carmen Solana
    User Teleassistance
    Nuestra Gente I'm so happy with the Telecare service Red Cross until the square have rejected the council offered me
  • Rosa Jovani
    User Teleassistance
    Nuestra Gente I live alone in the field and the Red Cross is the greatest thing that I have, there are no words to thank him. They are my family, my love, are all for me
  • Benito Prestel Zarza
    User teleassistance
    Nuestra Gente I am very happy with the Red Cross. The people are friendly and very often call me for how I am. Up to congratulate me for my birthday!
  • Ramona Herráiz
    Voluntary teleassistance
    Nuestra Gente As a volunteer, I learn a lot from my time with users. We chatted, went for a walk, I see that the system works correctly
  • Francisco Pantoja Rodríguez
    User Mobile Telecare
    Nuestra Gente I am very happy with the mobile telecare, because when I'm away from home I know that pressing a button will come to my rescue. I can be reached even if I do not know where I am!
  • Josep Selva Capdevila
    User teleassistance
    Nuestra Gente In my four years as teleassistance user'm always aware that with this button, you are not alone
  • Vicenta Arellano Martínez
    User Teleassistance
    Nuestra Gente In Red Cross were always very friendly. I took four years of client and immediately treated me
  • Inmaculada Soriano Mínguez
    Voluntary teleassistance
    Nuestra Gente As a volunteer, I love talking to users, and although I am a very busy person, I spend mornings on Wednesdays at Red Cross and the elderly, thank you so much
  • Martina Tudorí
    User Teleassistance
    Nuestra Gente I feel like I have a family that is not annoying. Red Cross makes me feel happy, hard
  • María Dolores
    Caregiver Lope
    Nuestra Gente I am very quiet since my husband has the locator, it is a very active person in and out nonstop. It gives me peace of mind to drive since she dressed in the morning until prepares to sleep
  • Antonio Contero Ferrete
    User Lope
    Nuestra Gente Take the locator gives me more autonomy and thanks to him my family is also quieter
  • María Ángeles Mompeam Villaesclusa
    User Teleassistance
    Nuestra Gente I've always been a very active person, but age does not forgive. Since I live alone, I need to feel more secure and know that Red Cross is there when I need
  • Soledad Fenoy Montesinos
    User videoatención
    Nuestra Gente I am very happy with videoatención exercises: without leaving home, I can keep my mind active and talk to the volunteers